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Glider Kits


Custom built with our obsessive attention to detail

-Tired of your high mile worn truck?
-Not impressed with the new emission engines?
-Let Watson Diesel build you a new glider!


Glider kits have become a very popular alternative when you are looking to upgrade your truck. You end up with the best of all worlds.


  • a new truck cab and chassis with a new truck warranty your choice of a factory reman engine, a watson diesel rebuild or a take out used engine - your truck - your budget - you decide!

  • you select the engine of your choice , most customers choose a pre egr / variable geometry turbo model - this proves to be a wise choice from a maintenance , performance and economy stand point.

  • select a transmission that fits your mission - 9 speed to 18 speed

At watson diesel we can build the glider of your choice - with your choice of components - you pick the power plant - transmission - and truck make. - we will work with you every step of the way from helping you spec your new glider to the finish product


Watson diesel is a pa enhanced inspection station capable of preparing all the paper work necessary to title and license your new glider!


Call us today and we will be glad to give you a quote!


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