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Municipal Vehicles/COSTARS


Watson Diesel has been serving the surrounding municipalities for over 25 years. We are a Costars approved supplier for the commonwealth and can help you with up fitting your new municipal truck with a dump box, hydraulic system and snow plow.

At Watson Diesel we pride ourselves in what we call “obsessive attention to detail”. We encourage the involvement of the customer in all phases of their truck build so they get exactly what they want in their new truck.

Not in the market for a new truck and body? We offer complete truck refurbishing to your spec. We can repair or replace your worn frame rails, prep and paint your frame and underside of truck chassis, install a new dump box along with new updated hydraulic system and plow.


Maybe your old truck need drive train work. While your truck is in for body and systems updates we can rebuild your engine, transmission, rear drive axles, etc.


Call one of our reps today and we can look over your truck and give you a quote on your old equipment refurb!


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